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a product created by a passionate maple syrup producer who is also a sports enthusiast and a dreamer

After working several years in the maple syrup industry, Mario Plouffe was looking for a way to combine all of his passions.

On the hunt to find a way to share his dreams and the benefits of maple syrup to others, Mario had several ideas in mind. A strong believer that running is accessible to anyone, he was also wondering how to encourage people to start running. How can we bring youth to love running and triathons?

Here are a few of his ideas that are becoming a reality:

We have built walking/running trails on our property on the mountain. We invite people twice a week, 12 months of the year, to join us for a run for free. That is how the Club de Trail Erabilere Boise du Lac was born.

We also offer schools in our area the opportunity to fund raise for various initiatives by selling a wide variety of our maple products. While we are at it, we invite them to come and run or walk on our trails for free.

An initiative is underway to encourage families to bring their children to walk on our trails for an affordable price. We believe that easy access to outdoor activities should not be limited by the often limited budget of many families. 

With all of these, all that was missing was a way to bring the benefits of maple to all these people. With 100% natural ingredients, this product could help all these people to improve their performances. That is how Brix was born. The only energy gel 100% made from maple. 


Some projects…

Creation of the hiking trail “ Erabliere au Boise du Lac”. More than 8 km of running or walking trails!

Foundation of the “club de Trail Erabliere Boise du Lac”. Two days a week, 12 months of the year. 

érablière au Boisé du lac - Maple Syrup - Mario Plouffe